Point Cloud Overlapping Region Co-Segmentation Network


Point Cloud Overlapping Region Co-Segmentation Network

Kexue Fu, Xiaoyuan Luo, Manning Wang

NIPS 2020 Preregistration Workshop


3D point clouds are being increasingly used in the field of computer vision and many applications involve the processing of partially overlapping point clouds. However, little attention has been paid to the property of partial overlap. In this paper, we propose the concept of cosegmentation of the overlapping region of two 3D point clouds and develop a deep neural network to solve this problem. The proposed network utilizes coattention mechanism to aggregate information from the paring point clouds so as to find the overlapping region. The cosegmentation of overlapping region can be regarded as a preprocessing step in practical 3D point cloud processing pipelines so that downstream tasks can be better accomplished. We build a dataset of partially overlapping 3D point clouds from ModelNet40 and ShapeNet, which are two widely used 3D point cloud datasets, and the overlapping region can be obtained automatically without manual labelling. We also utilize the real 3D point cloud datasets, 3DMatch and ScanNet, in which the overlapping region can be obtained from the relative pose between point clouds provided in the datasets. We evaluate the performance of the proposed method on cosegmentation of overlapping region on these datasets and its effectiveness in improving one downstream task, 3D point cloud registration, which is very sensitive to partial overlapping.